VSC 400

Chiron Serija 08

Key features:


  • Every machine is a production cell that utilizes the pick-up spindle to load itself
  • Short travel distances and machining times
  • Multifunctional production tool: turning, drilling, milling, grinding and other processes
  • The workpiece travels while the tooling systems remain stationary
  • Ideal chip flow conditions since the tools are located below the workpiece
  • The work spindle with a hydro-static guideway in Z-axis (optional) ensures outstanding component quality and a high tool life for soft and hard machining operations
  • All accuracy defining machine assemblies are fluid-cooled
  • Safe, wear resistant, maintenance-free machining area envelope
  • Dry machining is easy with the VSC as the work spindle and tools are ideally positioned for the process

Chuck diameter, max.

315 / 400 mm

Swing diameter

420 mm

Workpiece diameter, max.

340 mm

X-axis travel

850 mm

Z-axis travel

315 mm

Main spindle: Power 40% / 100% ED

48 / 37 kW

Main spindle: Torque 40% / 100% ED

760 / 600 Nm

Main spindle: Speed, max.

3.400 min-1

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