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  • Machine manufacturer HEMO GmbH (together with firm LPW untied in a group Surface Alliance) comes from FT Germany from the state of Baden-Wurtemberg. They produce industrial washing machine for washing/cleaning of workpieces. The main industries in which machines are represented are: automotive, aerospace, medicine and electronics.

  • Hemo offers Single – bath flood washing system, multi-bath flood washing system, single-chamber spray washing system and belt spray washing system.

HEMO machines offer

Belt system

Multichamber system

Large batch system

The difference compared to LPW is that when washing, they do not use a water-based medium but modified alcohol or Hydrocarbons which is good when you need to remove organic contaminants such as oil, grease, wax and petroleum.

HEMO also offer BEYOND and HIBRID solutions for removing both, organic and inorganic impurities.

Innovative technologies

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